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travel Guide In 2013 there were 254 road deaths in New Zealand. Now this equates to 6 road deaths per 100000 of population and compares to the UK average of 8 road deaths per 100000 of population in 2013. Travel advice summary below is provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK. Anyways, boasts the country’s most spectacular scenery, for their full travel advice, visit The South Island is home to far fewer people. Christchurch, a city bouncing back with extraordinary creativity from earthquake damage, is also here. Of course, outdoor enthusiasts can take their pick from tramping, cycling, climbing, ‘white water’ rafting, caving, zorbing, ‘skydiving’, bungee jumping and more. Whenever soaring mountain ranges, glaciers, fjords, wideopen expanses -they’re all here, empty beaches. We’ refers to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Bar bills can bite.

travel Guide Especially in or near Réthymno province where the brewery is, be sure to sample the excellent, affordable Brinks organic beer, in both blonde and dark varieties, when on Crete. The’ only budget tipple can be Cretan rakí or mainland tsípouro in a small carafe -which can be very cheap indeed, less than bottled water and frequently offered on the house as a digestif. Whenever trundling down the middle of the road and reckless overtaking, local driving habits leave much to be desired -beware especially of people emerging from ‘side roads’ without stopping. Now look, the coastal ‘motorway’ isn’t for the fainthearted, and east of Iráklio is still largely under construction. Traffic fines are ‘draconian eg’, 350 for not wearing a seat belt, 700 for jumping a redish light -though reduced by half if you pay within 10 days.Be aware of parking regulations -fines are stiff -and don’t leave anything valuable visible in hire cars, especially near the Iráklio Archaeological Museum. For those of a ‘nonbeachy’ disposition, there’s lots of interest inland. Write a metre of rain around Haniá, at Plakiás on Réthymno’s south coast, and even in the usually arid far east.

Equally prodigiously, over a metre of snow fell on the White Mountains.

January blizzard leaving a foot of persisting snow at low altitude and much, far more higher up. Known with streaks of snow still visible on the three highest peaks into early June, the countryside looks its perkiest in late spring and early summer.

Needless to say, while others are apt to be shorter more secluded, northcoast beaches tend to be long and sandy if a bit exposed, amidst the longest beach lounging seasons as well. Day it also produces a surplus of edible goods owing to the longest growing season in Greece. It’s a well the season for southerly Crete stretches into late October, and everywhere September is still high season.